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Belk & Associates LLC is a holistic accounting firm that goes beyond traditional offerings of tax and financial statement preparation focusing on processes, analysis of all financial data and execution of the business plan to add value and increase profitability in your company.

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Our Process

Streamlining Processes

We develop systems and processes for compiling and recording data. Businesses can often spend too much time on bookkeeping, monthly reports, and other financial tasks because their processes haven’t been set up properly. By creating processes, you save your business time and money and can focus on your potential growth.

Analysis and Execution

Belk & Associates will analyze your business financials and create a proper execution plan that is right for your business. We determine and develop financial indicators specific to your company’s needs and goals. Every business is unique and has different goals, so we create a custom plan designed with your business in mind.

Manage and Scale

Every business has potential for growth and scaling, but without proper management of your finances and understanding where you should be focusing your efforts, growth can be stunted before it has even begun. Our team can help manage your business strategy with growth in mind so you can scale your business and continue to grow.

Business Financial Consulting

Belk & Associates provides business and tax consulting by looking holistically at the big picture of where your company is now and where you want your business to be. By proactively planning, you better prepare your business for proper scaling and growth in the future as well as financial planning for unforeseen expenses.

Who We Are

Belk & Associates was founded in 1998 as a small tax preparation office assisting families and small businesses in Northwest Indiana. Since then, Belk & Associates has grown to helping business across the United States scale and reach their full potential through business planning, establishing and improving financial processes, and tax strategy and preparation.

Our mission is to go above and beyond traditional tax and financial statement preparation empowering business owners to reach their full potential through our holistic business consulting and financial strategies. We provide the business consultation, financial processes to keep your business running smoothly as well as tax strategy and preparation services needed to improve the bottom line. Our goal is to partner with you and be your holistic, value add accounting firm, providing both quality service with a wonderful team of people you can trust.

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